So I've managed to get a old Ensign Pocket Twenty 6x9 camera lent out for me to fix and have fun with for a while. I noticed that the shutter was permanently open so I decided to open this puppy up and try to fix it.

The simple glass seems VERY clean but the shutters themselves are slimy with an oily substance. I tryed oiling up the mechanism to free it and make it move. Things definetly got better but it still doesn't fire properly.

So I've decided to go a different route and attempt to remove ALL oil from it and leave it bone dry. I'm interested in any suggestion to follow through with such a procedure? I don't think I want to use water and soap (even though I believe it'll be harmless) I was think about using copiouse amounts of WD-40. I know it has a drying agent quality and I think I might be able to spray all of the oil off and leave it clean.

Ps: yes I have removed the shutter mechanism from the camera and this will not be done anywhere near the the rest of the camera. It actually was surprisingly simple. From a whole camera to a shutter mechanism in hand.. All it took was 4 screws.

Any other ideas? Thoughts or feelings? Please don't call me crazy...