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My next RF purchase will be a Titanium Contax G-2
with a 35 - 70 mm zoom lens.

I do have to say that despite the opinion of
Roger W. Hicks, I love the fact that the Contax G-2
is considered a Rangefinder camera, for the purposes
of this forum.
I just got the Titanium Contax G-2 with a 35 - 70 mm zoom lens.

I'm still in a state of shock, when I think about it.

I bought it from my doctor. We had agreed on a price for the body alone.
I had stated my intention in June 2011. I said that I would have the money
for the body alone by Sept. We closed the deal, in the beginning of Dec.
I told him that he could get more for it on eBay, but he said that this would
be fine. " Anything to make the patient happy."

I asked him to bring a lens with it so I can test both of them. He had
previously told me that he only had the 45 & 90 mm lenses.
I asked him to bring a body cap with him as I was buying a bare body.
He said that he didn't have one. He then told me, that the camera was
in his car & that not to worry, he would include the lens with the camera.

When he walked in, I tried to identify the mounted lens, but I couldn't
at first. When I picked up the body & lens, they felt heavier than I was
used to. When I looked closely at the lens, I saw the zoom ring & I
was floored. It was the desired 35 - 70 mm zoom lens. I couldn't
test them because the batteries were dead.
He had left the power switch on.

I again reminded him that he could sell " this " on eBay, but he said
that selling it to me was fine. He wanted someone else to enjoy it.
He also said that if I had any trouble with it, I could return it for a
Full Refund. I said Thank You & hurried out of his office.

It had been sitting in a drawer & had gotten dusty. Also when I
removed the lens from the body, there was this blue goo, that
was all over the lens / body mount, but thankfully not on the
lens elements, ( I think it's lube ).

So now I need to send it to Tocad, for repair. Yes, I could return
it, but will I ? Not on your life.

eBay says that the camera by itself is worth between $400.00 - $600.00.
The zoom lens is worth between $550.00 - $750.00. The combined value
with a 200 flash which was also included is around $1,000.00, or so.

Oh and how much did I pay for this complete kit ? $300.00 !