I have been remiss in not commenting on any of the 15 excellent cards I have received so far. So here goes:

drpsilver - "Bird Tree, Stanford Univ." - Trees well seen, and well printed too!
FotoGys - "Architectural Interior" - intriguing curves and rich tones make this a very successful treatment
George Nova Scotia - "Halifax Citadel" - a very weighty treatment of a strong subject
hoffy - “Goolwa Station" - people and trains - what is not to like!
J Rollinger - “The Bean" - a great "swoop" of an image
JamesDean - “Baby Charlotte" - a beautiful vignette - congratulations
kraker - “Rodent Crossing" - great use of an unusual viewpoint - the card arrived a little worse for wear though
Laurent - “Artist's Hand" - a nice, strong, geometric image
markbarent - “Concern” - more trains and people - and a fascinating ghost image too
Mike Wilde - “Marion Bridge", "Monck Road 'Old Homestead" & "First Dip of the Year” - neat images on older paper, but the eye contact in "First Dip of the Year" makes it for me
mooseontheloose - “Sunrise over Myanmar” - fascinating and ethereal, this keeps drawing me back
Oxleyroad - “Magic Pudding” - this card makes me smile
ozphoto - “Australian Rules Football” - I really like well-done sports photography, like this. This old paper looks really good as well
piu58 - “Old Graveyard” - I really like the complex but not chaotic detail in this
rst - “Stehcafé” - bicycles always contribute great form to a photo - this is no exception
tj01 - “Petronas Twin Tower” - mysterious and very abstract - an interesting approach to architecture

15 down, 13 to go.

Thanks to all for participating!