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I'm interested in working this summer in Bromoil or oil transfer printing, and need the experience of being around someone who knows what they're doing to get past some problems I'm having. The only workshop I can find for this year is with David Lewis in Montana. While I'm sure that that would be a tremendous experience, a trip to Montana may be too much for the wallet this year. Google "Bromoil workshop" on the web and you get lots of hits - mostly for workshops that happened years ago, very little that is current.

My fondest hope was to take a weekend with Gene Laughter, but he has said that he is cutting back and not teaching anything this summer. He also said that there were lots of Bromoilists, all over the country. Any of you out there and teaching? I'm in Boston, am willing to travel some and an experienced etcher and printmaker shooting 4x5 and 5x7.
I would recommend Ed Buffaloe in Austin, Texas. Ed is the fellow who hosts the unblinkingeye.com site. He did a workshop with Gene Laughter a couple of years ago and has become quite proficient at bromoil. His email is EdBuffaloe@UnblinkingEye.Com. Austin is also a nice place to visit because of the wonderful photograhy collection at the Harry Ranson Center.

Sandy King