I bought a problematic Yashica mat 124g thinking that I could tackle it, but I think I'm getting more than I bargained for. I cleaned the lenses, mirror, and unjammed the shutter so far (works perfectly now), so my spirits are still high.

I have removed the lens board from the camera, and I noticed two washers (shims?) on the viewing lens side that go between the board and the focusing rail. They're very thin, brass colored, and I managed to lose one of them.

My questions are: Do I really need these washers? Can I focus accurately without them (i.e. board sitting bare on the rail)? Also, shouldn't there be four of these washers? It seems odd that I only encountered two when the lens board attaches to the focusing rails with four screws (two on the top, two on the bottom). Does this mean that the taking lens focuses at a slightly different place than the viewing lens?

And finally, what is the best way to pull the pin off of the winding lever? I want to get under the hood, but this pin won't budge.

I really don't want to send this to Mark Hama - this camera is too beat up to be repaired professionally. (Well, it's not bad, it's just that I can't justify it). I'll take any help I can get.