I don't believe either to the risc of "pulling the film out of the focal plane" when opening a folder. But I DO spool the film AFTER opening the folder and JUST BEFORE shooting, for another reason, that I justified experimentally :

When I did not proceed this way (doing like you the spooling just after shooting), I often found white spots on my negs (yielding black spots on the positive enlargments), and I desespered to determine what caused that, until I noticed that when I took two views without closing the camera in between, the second was free of these spots : thus I deduced that inside the chamber, dust is likely to be moved on the film either when the folder is closed or when it is opened (or at anytime between shooting). And when this happens before shooting, this dust would be "silouhetted" on the picture. But when you spool new film JUST before shooting, it should not happen.

Thus, I tried this new sequence of operation systematically, and it worked. Besides, when you use folders that don't have safeguards against multiple exposure, it's a good thing to adopt a systematic sequence of operation, to be sure that you spooled the film between shoots ; and if the sequence tells you to spool the film "just before" shooting, it's easier to remember ?

Maybe you never experienced such spots because your folders are very clean (dust free) inside, but I can tell this sequence of operation cured a lot of problems I had with mine.

Bye Paul