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Please ignore my ignorance about Kodaks US marketing but in Germany and Austria their pro products aren't really promoted all that much especially their LF products.
As Mark Barendt already mentioned, (successful) marketing has changed in the last 10 years. I wouldn't know of any marketing campaigns in photographic magazines because I don't read any of them. I did, however, notice the enthusiasm so many spread in all kinds of forum I cared about. Some may call it viral marketing, chances are there also was some astroturfing involved, we'll never know. It worked with me, though. Although Fuji is mostly absent from US and European forums, their introduction of Provia 400X was quite a success story. Again, I wouldn't even know about this great film if it wasn't for enthusiastic reports here on APUG.
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Don't know how big the writing on the wall has to be to catch people's attention aside from the order shortfalls about LF's prospects.
Since LF cameras can be self made by skilled hobbyists I would even go as far as predicting that LF is going to be the last analog format around should that technology ever dwindle down into obscurity. Few to no people will be able to fix my RZ67, much less my EOS 3 in 30 years, but there will still be lots of people who can fold a bellows, adapt a lens, grind some glass and make a film holder out of wood.

CGW, you were very upset when I parodied your constant "Analog is dying" postings but you really begin to sound like a single tune band by now. Nobody would have considered Cassandra prophetic had she announced the downfall of Troy as long as you have announced the imminent demise of slide film, LF photography, Kodak, and analog photography in general.
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Amateur/hobbyist demand isn't close now to what pro demand was for any film material a decade ago. Amateurs could get decent E6 service back then simply because so many pros shot transparency.
So what? The pro transition to D was completed many years ago yet LF film stock is still offered. I would be very surprised if LF film sales showed a strong decline during the last 3 years. And since you bring up E6 *again*: spend half the effort you put into "slide film is dying" postings into the learning of E6 home processing and you'll never look back at E6 labs anymore.