I'm trying to figure out how to make a shutter for a new barrel lens I have, the Packard would be great but I need one with a 4" opening which seem to be pretty rare and/or very expensive if purchased new from Packard. I was wondering if anyone had tried building their own using the packard design. I was thinking I could borrow a shutter from a friend, pull the blades out, scan them into the computer, enlarge them and then print out new templates to be cut onto thin plastic. I could probably figure out some kind of air piston or just actuate the shutter by hand.

Of course if there's a simpler way of getting this done I'd love to hear it. I've seem the Jim Galli dark slide shutter but shooting outdoors with no aperture in an F6 lens it seems like it'd be tough to be anywhere close to consistent.

Thanks for any input.