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Chris and others have posted qualified and honest reviews on Amazon. I like to thank them for that and remind others to do so as well if they find a moment. I'm not after raving reviews, just your honest opinion about the book, because this can help others to make the right purchasing decision.

A recent post on Amazon shows how important that is, because for the second time, a digital photographer posted a rather critical review. His main complaint is that the book is 'analog', and as far as he is concerned, slightly 'antiquarian' because it ignores the 'reality' of digital photography. Very puzzling, it's like us writing critical reviews about Photoshop books because they ignores real photography. Who would do that?

First they invaded our photography clubs, then they tried to discredit our hobby, they made sure our supplies have become limited and expensive, they call us antiquated and now they are asking for more digital in our analog books. Enough is enough!
(reaching for blood pressure medicine)

In any case, if you feel like sharing your opinion about an anlog book, you can do so here:


Thanks in advance.
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