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There are some people who let success get to their heads, but I think the really serious artists are too focused on their work to worry about celebrity.

I was at a party last week at a publishing house focused mainly on journalism and human rights, and a writer/photographer came in and walked up to a few of us and said, "let me introduce you to a friend of mine. He's a photographer, Bruce Davidson," and I'm thinking, "wow, I'm finally at one of those New York parties people talk about all the time," but what a completely informal, unassuming guy. I asked him what he was working on, and he said he was producing a solo show for the Boston MFA, and talked about how it was great to work with the young, independent-minded curators there, and he said he was working on another project in LA, but felt he needed to find a local writer to collaborate with, so he wouldn't come off as an "East Coast snob."

If he didn't have that kind of accessible, easy-going personality, he probably couldn't do the kind of documentary work he does.
Wow... very cool David. I saw him speak a couple years ago in New Orleans, and he seems like a very down to earth photographer who was quite generous with his knowledge. I'm looking forward to seeing his show in Boston.