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So there will be no slower speed bulk Kodak 35mm B & W film available regularly any more (both T-Max and Plus-X gone) .
I don't know if it would be an acceptable substitute, but I have started using Eastman Double X, which is a black and white movie film rated at ISO 250 for daylight. You have to buy 400 ft @ ca. $140 and spool it onto a core for your bulk loader, but it's not too much trouble. I like the way the film looks. I haven't used Plus X or TMax 100 for years. Double X looks more like Tri X from the 70s as I remember it. It's nowhere near as fine grained as TMax 100. There's a web page with development times: http://www.project-double-x.org/about.html. If you're willing to buy 400 ft, rather than a short end, just order direct from Kodak. It'll be interesting to see how much longer they manufacture this.

Here's an example:

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