I'm making a return to photography and film and I need a little help choosing between continuous lighting and strobes. I'll be getting an RB-67 as a lighter and cheaper to feed alternative to my 4x5. I'd love to get some strobes so that my sitters (and myself!) don't need to deal with the heat coming off 500W continuous heads and enjoy the benefits of not needing to filter tungsten, however I have no experience with using strobes and feel a little frightened at not getting the instant-feedback with film. Obviously people have been using them for decades so they've got to work well but I have a few fears and uncertainties around them.

My first question is what is the best way to hook them up to the camera? I'd like to avoid the expense of pocket wizards but I'm kind of a klutz and I'm sure that I'd be tripping over long sync cords. In addition, how would you connect multiple units together to be triggered at the same time? I also mentioned not being sure what the end result will look like; a flash meter and the modeling lamps will help but it's not the same as actually seeing the results. Is there any way around this?

For those who use hot lights, particularly when photographing people, how do you mitigate the effects of the heat in an enclosed space? I've also found very little information on using continuous lighting in the context of still photography instead of video, could you direct me to some resources around that? I got a copy of the "Professional Portrait Lightings" book mentioned a few threads down which was a lot of help with understanding classic style lighting but I don't want to mess with trying to balance fluorescent tubes to colour film!

Thanks for the help, it's great to be back on APUG!

- Justin