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I guess I should mention what I'm using them for! It'll be mostly shoots involving 1, occasionally 2 people until I have a better grasp of lighting and some still life stuff. I was thinking about starting with one head in the range 400-600W/s to start with from a well-regarded manufacture so that any accessories I buy will fit other heads I eventually get. I'll probably spring for a power pack at some point but I have a pretty tight budget so all of my shooting will be in my home or at someone else's. It's pretty bewildering looking through all the choices at the multi-manufacturer online catalog of B&H! I definitely have a lot of research to do.

tomalphicon, is that the Fuji Instax stuff and the RB Polaroid backs that take the 100 and 600 series film? That would great, it's a LOT cheaper than the impossibleproject film!
I haven't read all the responses, so others may have said this, (I must off to work) but as a commercial/industrial photographer for most of my life, and I taught Color Studio at the Germain School of Photography for many years, hands down you want studio strobe when photographing people. I had comet strobes and found them to be great. Wireless remote is a good idea, and if you buy an older used system, you must have wireless remote for many cameras, as the camera's circuitry can be harmed by the voltage of the older system. I guess there's a feedback of some kind. I have an old used Speedatron now, and when shooting digital, or when students want to plug in cameras with electronics, like some of the later Cannon film cameras, I rent a remote. Also, for some cheaper cameras without a flash connection post, (PC, etc.) the remotes are hot shoe compatible. And speaking of renting, you may want to rent once or twice to see how it all works for you.

Best, Doug Schwab