Lots of great replies here - I am glad others feel this way too!

I would like to add that I think there is a HUGE difference in admiring someone's craft - and admiring someone as a person. There are several famous people today that I admire as a professional ____________, but this doesn't mean that I think they are necessarily "role model" material. This seems to be a prevalant problem with the younger generation today; wanting to emulate people that maybe they admire for "something", but shouldn't necessarily admire for who they are. All young girls see someone pretty, and while it's fine to want to emulate their look, trying for their personality and social habits is usually a very bad idea. If you want a role model, most people don't have to look very far from their hometown folks at the local church, charity organizations, or sometimes in their living room.

I admire several on here for the work they produce, and while I don't know WHO they are as a person; would still never expect a Mother Theresa attitude to accompany a true artistic mind. Most artists think and behave quite different from so-called "regular" folks - or better stated, what everyone thinks people "should" act like. I believe artists are more prone by nature to social akwardness (for lack of a meaner phrasing) than others, simply due to the fact that their mind is usually fixated on things others simply don't understand. I would never expect anyone to act a certain way just because they happen to be brilliant at something ... unless the certain thing they are brilliant at happens to be humanity.

Being good, and being a good person are vastly different things. Some can be one or the other, and there are very few that are both.