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I've got a number of large Pelican cases with padded divider sets instead of foam and these work great. They hold a lot of gear, they roll, and they can be popped open easily for gear access at any time. Just one case contains: a Speed Graphic body, a Toyo 45A body, four lenses, a Zero Image 4x5 pinhole with two extension frames, film holders, meters, 2 Polaroid 405 backs, two Polaroid 545 holders, a Horseman 6x9 back, filters, cable releases, lens hoods, etc. Plus they load into the trunk of the car directly without needing to fill up a separate camera bag.

Did I mention the moisture and shock protection, too?

I agree, this is how I store my gear. One box for EOS (digital and film) plus lenses and flash plus room for batteries, filters and memory cards and business cards. My other box has my Pentax 67ii with five lenses, a filter set and misc junk. My third box was just vacated by a gx680 and will like hold now my Polaroid 250's, film and my g2.

I also have a back pack I use for packing gear in, nice and versital. I carried in a Polaroid 250, g2 and EOS 3 with a 50mm f1.4 plus 30 rolls of film to the amusement park just this weekend, works great.

The rest is stored in clear stackable plastic tubs on the shelf in the basement.

With cats in the house, shelves are a horrible idea in our basement :-)