Hi all,
I'm aware of the large amount of information in the archives here and elsewhere online on film recommendations. That's great, but I couldn't find good samples, comparisons, or side-by-sides. I've decided to start out with Tri-X and want to continue with it for quite some time before (if ever?) I try out some other films. I saw that advice here on the forums, of picking a film and getting familiar with it. But I'm still curious what other films look like. I hear several different opinions but I'm really curious what these look like in the hands of a capable photographer (since I think at this point in my career it would be unhelpful to buy 5 different films and see which one I like best).

I'm particularly interested in slower films to complement Tri-X, but I'm just curious if there are any good, characteristic comparison shots. For example, I hear that FP4+, HP5+, and Tri-X are "traditional" films and Acros, Efke, and new Tmax are "modern" films but I have no idea what that means other than that "modern" films seem to have less grain.

I feel flickr isn't the best place for these due to the amount of post-processing, but maybe I'm wrong.

Any good comparison sites or links? Descriptions and words are helpful as well, but descriptions backed by samples would be even more so. I'm just looking for some good samples, it'd be great if they were characteristic of each film so I could get a sense.