I have used the Tetenal 5 liter E6 3-bath kit for some time now and remember the BX part 2 concentrate as fully transparent liquid. I usually mix about 500-700ml for each multi run and seal the containers with the concentrate after applying a healthy dose of Protectan. The concentrate is stored in the basement where it is cool but not below freezing point. I have successfully used one such kit in the course of over a year without any visible changes in the concentrates.

For some mysterious reason the BX2 part (the part which looks more like fixer than like bleach) of the concentrate I have been working with for the last half year has turned into a white, milky liquid. The chemistry still seems to work - the slides look as expected, but I would really like to know what happened here. Unlike FD, CD and bleach the effect from incomplete fixing isn't necessarily obvious right away but may bite me later. Of all the components of the E6 kit the one which looks like fixer was certainly the last one I would have suspected of going bad - in the middle of winter.

Has "milky" BX2 gone bad or is this completely harmless? Is there some way I can replace the BX2 with home brew chemicals? If indeed only fixing is incomplete, is there a chance I can redo this step with b&w fixer?