22 of my 34 years I have been a darkroom hermit. Now it's time to come out of the shell and expose myself to the light. (I'm not a flasher.... natural light only)

This is a project I'm launching. Please take a look and let me know what you think:

Here you can see some of my work and read a little of my ramblings about it: http://orlovphoto.com

I love light - it briefly reflects from all in its path and it is from those reflections that we must pluck a perfect image.
I am human - as is for all humans my fleeting nature is evident, therefore I chose to focus my lens on humanity. It's nature is fleeting like that of the light itself.
I accept art as a virtue - the ability to see beauty is crucial if balance is to be achieved within an individual, hence I dedicate my life to education on that subject.

I'll try to be as active of a contributor to APUG as I can be, for now, I am really worried about the funding for the project so I am going to spend a lot of time praying to St. Weegee and St. Penn along with St. Brady and St. Talbot - with their help this darkroom can be as monumental as it deserves to be.