Well you see, I've already ruined a roll of film trying to figure this out, so what I've been doing is re using that same roll of film to try out what you guys have been telling me. I appreciate everyones help a lot.

Michaebsc: I tried spinning the film winder with the back open to see if it is engaging the silver rod gear thing and it is definitely spinning. After I close the camera up, it still just spins continuously and the film counter does not move. Also, I'll just keep using this ruined film roll to test it! no need for you to send me any backing paper.

Paul Ron: The door is closing tight, there is resistance from the pin when I push it in, which is obviously normal, I don't see how the pin can go in any farther, so I'm assuming that is probably not the issue?

Dan Daniel: Do you think it is something that can be loosened up? I'm thinking there must be some broken connection between the silver rod (whatever it is called) and the film counter/film winding mechanism.