Hi Bob,

I recently stumbled across this thread from back in March this year. It was a very interesting read and I really appreciated your post.

I have quite a number of questions that if you have the chance to answer sometime, I would be most grateful.

* "I use an outflanking method": Do you mean you go beyond the correct point (contrast, exposure, etc) and then pull back to get to the correct value?
* "I am very concerned about the negative position above the lens": I wasn't sure what you meant by this?
* "I study the negative before printing. I study the easel before printing": What are you looking for?
* "I use ducks ass and ducks bill a lot": This was very interesting! Do you have any pointers to where I could read/see more?
* "I look at a print no more than 1 minute and move to next exposure": I find with my printing I need to do the best "working" prints I can, go away and look at them a week or so later and then come back to the darkroom to do the final prints. Is this unusual?
* "I do not like the 0 and 5 method only": How do you decide which filter to use for your "white" time? Is this where you mention lower down in the post that you "settle on a lower than normal tone for your tastes and as well lighter than normal". If I am reading this correctly, you try to get to 3/4 of desired tone with your main exposure on the selected filter and then blast with the 5 to get the remaining tone with desired contrast.
* "I like to give a final edge burn to all my prints": Do you burn all edges? How much exposure do you give and with which filter?
* "I like to tone the same day as I print": Do you have a "standard" toning routine?
* "7. If there is a spot that is too bright then I will burn with 00 to bring in detail ( I always use the 5 filter as well to burn in highlights.. ask me why... soft light.(Les Mclean)": When do you burn with the 00 and when with the 5? I wasn't sure I understood the quote from Les?

Once again, thank you for your post.

Kind regards,