Yep.... If we don't meet the funding goal we get NOTHING at all - nobody's Amazon account gets charged and we start all over. THat is why I am so desperately pleading for not only personal sacrifice in terms of possible donations, but also to help spread the word by any means (this and other forums, facebook, personal blogs, etc.). Every bit helps and I really do think that this project is cool enough for the word to reach enough people and there to be enough support to make it happen.

Frankly, if it doesn't go through it's gonna suck, but we'll do it. I have way too much as far as personal energy invested in it and I have to see it through. If it means selling my cameras so be it. I really don't want to do that though.... Plus, in all fairness us asking for $16.000 is us asking for 1/3 of what it's really going to cost, but we're willing to fund the rest somehow... At this point I can max out my savings by buying the following: water tanks,pump and heater, table top, batteries and electrical junk. THis is not including any of the connectors between all of the above, the labour, the VWs busses and their interiors, wood, etc, etc, etc.

Thanks for welcoming me here folks. I do love film and hope that this project will expose more people to it's wonderful possibilities.

... all fingers crossed - we need a minor miracle....