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dehk - I am going to take the dissent here. I do concede that what you have done is skillfully done, using a digital means no less (no more?), I am actually not familiure with some of the photographs that for all intents were appropriated. The harm to me is my perception of the original and remake is affected whereas I would have preferred to have stumbled upon the original then progressed to the remix (if it all). Well we all know that we all come with our own backgrounds and therefore one would never know if I or any other folk for that mater are familiure with the original, so it is kind of paradoxical - damned if you do, damned if you don't

My wife and I debate this a lot, we have young ones and there are tons of kids books out there that remake the orig, for eg, The Three Little Rigs, about three trucks that make buildings out of wood, brick and steel and a wreaking ball tries to beak them all down. Well I get bothered by the adaption because what if my kids didnt know the orig to get the adaption? Their perception of the story would originate with the rigs and not the pigs. See what I mean? Thankfully in this situation the kids knew the orig fairy tale but here are countless books appropriating the orig and it bothers me that they will get an adaption instead of the orig and then what?

I think your work, while technically good, is a disservice in a sense as it is a appropriation, and legally, probably not fair use. I respectfully disagree with your remix and sure hope you have no intent of profit from such approach as a bees best could be swarming from legal folks. Best, Andy
Thanks for your comment. No my intent wasn't about profit or I'd try to find the highest resolution possible, but no that wasn't the case at all. Don't worry I just got up and got an email from the foundation requesting the images be removed. As they wish, I deleted the whole post promptly. But all in all, it was just curiosity.