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I bought a couple of rolls of this film on a whim today. I am headding out to "My Yosemite" Hunter Liggett, tomorrow afternoon and am going to play around with it. I've got my 29 red filter ready to go. Any other tips? I understand that focusing isn;t as hard as with regular ir film. Any thoughts?
I've used SFX with good results.

One of my next projects (If I can find some way of getting this mountain of "backed up" darkroom work off me) is to really "wring out" focusing with the current available IR films.
No one, it seems, has any trouble with focusing "far" VISIBLE red light, but increase the wavelength a *very* small amount, and, traditionaly, focusing seems to become nearly impossible. To me, there shouldn't be much of a difference.

I notice that on the latest crop of Hasselblad lenses, the red "IR" focusing index mark has been omitted. I wonder if that is because the "near-infrared" films currently in use do not require such a shift. Condsidering the last results from MACO 820 - lots of focus problems, although I meticulously used the "IR index" ... I need to do this "wringing".