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Well I guess the diode is the way to do it. Nice to come up with a bettter solution though, maybe something a bit more accurate.

BTW what is the voltage drop on that diode?... most are around 1 volt, how do you conpensate for it?

As stated, any "accuracy" is lost in all the other latitudes. My OM-1/1N meter conversion is on the money at BV15, 12 and 9. at BV6 it's about 1/16th of a stop off. Plenty accurate, and to get more complicated is wasted labor (especially with negative/print film). This is perfect even with slide film. Voltage drop is about .2 volts, so working voltage from a silver oxide 1.55V battery (which is really around 1.6V) is approx. 1.35V. John