...you could always do a small test strip next time you're in the darkroom on both theories? I don't think it would be terribly time sensitive.

For the record, when I first read your post, I was siding with option B only because if you leave it in the wash too long and the emulsion lifts or something like that the print is ruined. Like most photo products, "stains" can be rinsed off in a second or third wash. I've had to do a quick wash on some prints for 10 minutes or so and clean up quickly and came back and washed them again later with no problems. These weren't exhibition prints, so I wasn't too concerned and they're still kicking after a year or so with no problems. I guess it depends on what your method of washing is and if the water is running or stale, temperature, etc. I always just leave enough time to wash thoroughly, so I've never dealt with this first hand. It seems a lot of the information your getting is speculation and not based on any scientific tests (mine included)...so if this is a constant situation for you, test both theories.