a number of years ago I swapped my nikons SLR for an MP - no AE, all manual requiring 'heavy' work for each exposure. It did'nt take too long to learn and to adopt as my natural way of shooting. I feel it obliges me to think about light levels and tonalities in a way unknown when I was on the automatic nikon wagon. when I wanted a back up for the MP I couldn't afford a second MP and therefore turned to BessaR2a new - which three years ago was ca. 550eur. I had the Leica 35, 50, and 75mm and used them extensively on both cameras.
It immediately turned out that the light meters are different-the Bessa covers a larger area and is therefore less precise, it was confusing! Then I took it out for a three day hike in the Belgian Ardennes. It was freezing cold, and the relative light weight of the Bessa cnfused me once more: many of the shots I made are unsharp! So being spoiled with a Leica in conclusion it's hard to accept a lower quality. I plan to sell the Bessa and if I win the lotto a second MP will find its way to my table!
cross my fingers