Hello Folks

I am starting a thread that the Mods can move if not in the appropriate place.

Elevator gets a lot of equipment donated to its door, mainly because we are still doing darkroom work and film phototgraphy. Recently a lady dropped off her fathers complete photography and darkroom kit.

I would like to start giving away a bunch of stuff that we collected over the years. The items will be free, you will have to pay for shipping and packaging if required.
You need to we a willing user and not a reseller of this stuff, I cannot oversee this but in the interest of how it is given I prefer the stuff go to good homes.

As each item Is gone I will figure a way to let people know its gone.I plan to do this over time and will not make pictures or give it away in bulk , but rather over a period of time.

1. first item- Sunpak 107 flash unit in box, pretty bad shape, no idea if it works .