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may be its better to call him first, http://www.rangefinderrestorations.com/Welcome.html

Important notice , address comes from 2008 and not working. May be name search works.

Rangefinder Restorations (USA)

Located in Austin Texas USA, Robert Jagitsch's website notes the following:

We offer CLA (clean, lubricate, and adjust) and repair services to get your Leica into top operating condition, and painting and restoration to address cosmetic issues such as brightmarks, scratches, or surface pitting. Dings and dents can also be addressed. Restoration options include paint color, vulcanite replacement, filled engravings, and restoration of the back door.

[As of Q2 2008] we now offer several paint finishes, including hammertone, a semi-gloss, and a black lacquer.
As of June 2008, Mr Jagitsch's prices were $US 300-400.