Hi all,

I'm looking for a little help here. I'm currently waiting on my new Leica M6TTL and lens to arrive from Portugal. Portugal's post CTT says that the package was dispatched on a flight to the US on Dec 17th. USPS says that they have been "notified that the originating post is preparing to dispatch the item" but I've spoken to USPS twice this week and they say that they have not received the package and have no record of it's entry into the United States. CTT's website says that packages sent outside of Europe can take 7-20 days to deliver so i am still inside of that window but I am concerned that CTT says the package was already dispatched on a flight (they've provided the flight number and package information) to the US but the USPS has no record of its entry 6 days later. I'm hoping some of you have some insight into the international shippment process. Is this normal? Will customs grab it without notifiying USPS of its arrival? Can it take packages a number of days to be recorded into the system? It just worries me that it supposedly flew out of Portugal on the 17th and now its the 23rd and no one seems to know where it is. Considering its a Leica and lens, I'm concerned. The sender has had excellent communication with me and is working with me to figure this out. USPS told me today that an official inquiry would need to be stared to initiate the process of locating the package and that official inquiry needs to be made by the sender and the originating post. They actually told me I can't do anything. I understand that I am still inside of the delivery window and it is the holiday season but the lack of information on the location of the package concerns me. If anyone has any insight please help me out! Thank you!