The camera was stored for at least 16 years and possibly longer than that. When I picked it up, it seemed to work well but after maybe 15-20 clicks it started acting up. I am new to MF and especially Hasselblad, but had read about do's and don'ts before I played with it. Still, being new to this camera it's not impossible that I am at fault for its current state.
I will be taking it to a (now retired) man who was trained by Hasselblad and worked in repairs for many years, but would like to know what I could expect to hear, if possible.

In arbitrary order, since I don't know which is more important/more telling than others
1. The lens (80/2.8) works well. No problems with it whatsoever.
2. The shutter button can't be depressed when cassette/back is attached to the body. I have two backs and there is no difference in behavior.
3. Shutter button works without the back.
4. Turning the knob/lever does not close the flaps, with or without the back attached.
5. If I turn the knob while the back is almost attached, the flaps will spring up and close almost every time. It's got something to do with the little pin at the bottom right of the body, I think, and how strongly the back pushes it. I have a feeling that if I were capable of always holding the back in the same "almost attached" position, the flaps would close every time (instead of almost every time). This is only a feeling though, and I know nothing about Hasselblads so I could be talking nonsense.
6. This is probably an entirely different matter, but the upper flap does not fully open - it hangs a bit, obstructing the view.

Any ideas? Does it sound bad?