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I don't know if it's just me but I've often wondered why shoulder carried gadget bags (of which I have a few) have lids that have the hinge on the side that's next to your body when it's on your shoulder which means that you have to hold the lid open with the hand on the opposite side of your body to get to the contents with the hand on the same side when it would be far more user friendly to have the lid hinged on the opposite side to the body so when open it would stay open and give much easier access to the contents with just the one hand.
I once carried my Domke F2 "backwards" for a day just to see if it was any better. It certainly made access easier but I rationalized that if I fell or the bag was stripped off my shoulder the contents would spill out easier than if even an unclipped cover was covering it. But one day does not a valid test make; I use it in the usual fashion and swear occasionally. I'm more concerned about the mystical affinity my camera straps have for the handle of the parking brake and seat adjustment levers in just about any car I've even owned.