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It seems to me that they are both around 1000 dollars US, and I am saving for a new MF camera. I got a Yashica 124 G to explore the medium and I love it. It's all I shoot anymore. So...time to make a big investment and get one of the classic heavy hitters. I will get a waist level finder with either and plan on using an 80mm 2.8 with the Hassy. I do a lot of shooting on the street and casually at parties and such. I have a meter, so I don't need a metered prism or one that works on the Rollei. Any tips before I blow a ton of cash on a camera that I hope to have for the rest of my life ??
Well, I think this is like comparing apples to oranges. The only common denominator between the two cameras is the film size.
So, is it the medium of 120 you love or the twin lens you love? You first should decide if you simply prefer a TLR or SLR design in the tool you wish to use. As others have noted, one is a basic high quality camera with a couple of accessories and the other is a major system of components. That's a huge difference! If you are only going to be using an 80mm and taking casual street shots and a candid portrait or two then the Rollei would be a nice choice. But, if you want your investment to be diverse in it's abilities to meet your present and future needs then there is no question Hasselblad or Rollei SLR is the way to go.

I disagree with others regarding the Rollei lenses however. If you go Rollei TLR track down the 2.8 Planar and shoot it wide open for some beautiful portrait results and the speed and simplicity of use can be a nice advantage at times. But, I find the Hasselblad with Acute-Matte split image screen (like the 42170) faster to focus and properly frame. I own a Rolleiflex 2.8 Planar and a couple Blads with a lens inventory from 50 to 500 and I can tell you that in virtually most cases the Hasselblad is what I reach for first. Rollei is in it's display case adorned with it's mirrored lens cap which is gorgeous to look at. But, at the same time I have made some outstanding images with the Rollei and I also just enjoy using it, but it simply does not have the system diversity that is very important to me. You can't go wrong with either camera, both are beautiful photographic tools that anyone would be very satisfied to own and use. It's really just a matter of diversity and feel between the two. Good luck with your decision.