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I looked over my old lab notes. One thing I found to improve image quality is to use a mixture of triethanolamine, methyldiethanolamine, methylethanolamine, and dimethylethanolamine. The best proportion of the mix depended on the developer formula (mainly the pH factor). I would use these agents if liquid concentrate stock is to be prepared.
Wow! And these are only the chemicals that worked well for you, and not the many poor ones. You must have tried many different chemicals. Thanks for mentioning these. It's interesting that MEA and DEA are not in your list (but relatives are).

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In my routine practice, I used spent developer as the washing aid after through fixing and quick rinsing. As long as your fixing is complete, thereís nothing more to develop, so you can reuse sulfite-containing mild alkaline solution (that is, used developer) as a washing aid. You probably donít need it to remove residual thiosulfate, but you do get significantly improved removal of sensitizing dyes, and save a lot of water and time.
If typical development is 7 min and fixing is 7 min, that's 14 min in an alkaline sulfite solution. Is that not enough to remove those dyes? Anyway, this is a clever idea.

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When Silvergrain products were offered commercially, I was strongly advocating among those who were involved to offer powder solutions.
For one-shot use, would a user measure a certain amount of powder from the container to develop a roll? A different amount of powder is needed for a stainless steel tank versus Paterson-4, and for 35mm versus 120. And one roll versus two rolls. A different amount of powder could be measured for each case.
My question is: How can we guarantee that the powder stays mixed well? I guess the user could shake the jar before measuring-out some powder, but I'm still not sure that coarse and fine powders would be mixed uniformly.

Also, acid touching alkali (as powders) can cause problems, and I read in Mason about some ways of dealing with them. XTOL fixed the problem by having two packets. What method are you thinking of?

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