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Urban Disguise bags are easy to work out of while hanging on your shoulder. The main compartment is zippered on the top down the middle, so you don't have to lift the flap to get to your lenses. I have the UD50 and UD30.
I have an old camera bag that I picked up used from a thrift store. Instead of one single zipper down the middle, it has a 2 inch wide flap with zippers on each side. The zippers are connected with a single tye, so one just pulls the tye, and both zip or unzip.

It works great for an OM body, but medium format or 35mm with built in winder bodies are wider/deeper than is optimum for the compartments under the zippered flap.

I have an athletic/gym bags with the same sort of closure and better room inside, but it lacks the dividers and padding I want.

And of course, as I am left handed, the double zipper zips in the wrong direction .