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I have been considering either an F3 or the FE for an addition to my F and F2 that I currently have. From what I have found, the FE is better than the F3 because it has a brighter finder with the match needle meter instead of the L.E.D. Now I just have to find one in good condition.
I've been using an FE for the past year + and love it. The meter is hard to see when you have a couple of filters on, but I've gotten use to it. I just got an F3 last night for Christmas and have yet to shoot with it, but the LCD meter is a little harder to see but there is a little light button the right hand side of the prism to help see your metering....the F3 has quite a few more features than the FE. My favorite so far to try is the switchable viewfinders. Having a waist viewfinder will make a LOT of what I do much easier as I like to stay close to the ground on a lot of shots.

I say to get both as they are pretty easy to find a very decent price.