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Can you check again as to what model of pentax you have? sn1 doesn't sound familiar. If we know which model it is, we may be better able to point to what you need to look for or expect to see.

The meter is built into most relatively modern 35mm cameras. It usually gives some sort of indication in the viewfinder and/or on an LCD screen on the camera as to which shutter speed and aperture the camera recommends when you point it at a subject. If set to "Auto" the camera may also set those settings for you, unless you choose to over-ride them.

hun the camera is a SF1n (on the camera) your right it isn't a sn1 but I was close! Ok cool. I have been thinking about actually buying a light meter - I can't find one really but I'm checking out kijiji and ebay.ca regularly (also because I wanna get a Rolleiflex 2.8 for the start of my medium. Or a Mamiya rb67) The camera is semi automatic I believe. you set it to manual or auto-focus... Ah. ISO is manual (But digital if you get what I mean?) and EF+/- is also manual (What is this. Exposure?? On my Canon g10 powershot Digital camera I have this dial. and I understand it, but ifI change this AT ALL the camera will NOT take a picture :S In the little LCD screen if I set aperture to auto (A = i think means Auto) the camera usually pics 4.0 for ANY picture (Mall lighting) I haven't tried it outside seeing if It chooses another f-stop....