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hi again

i just realized it is a point + shoot camera with a built in flash, so you probably can't adjust your shutter speed or flash intensity or fstops, or over ride the pre set settings by faking a different asa/iso ...
so, instead of having your camera set to " auto flash ( lightingbolt ) " have it set to " fill in" so it does just fill flash.
you do this by pressing the lightening bolt button on your camera until it cycles through all the flash modes ( probably red eye, auto, none and fill flash )
the fill flash mode will meter for ambient ambient light, and then add some extra flash ... it is probably the best mode to have a point/shoot camera.

good luck !

hey - I'm not sure what camera that is LOL... I ouldnt think my camera is a point in shoot. you have to adjust everything :S unless you move the gizmo to automatique LOL.... Anyway I'll check out my camera, Im going to test out different rolls of film...