I have found a gent not to distant from me that has two Nikons for sale. One is an FE w/MD12 and the other is an F3 w/MD4. No lenses are being offered and I feel his prices are a might high but when asked he was unable answer if the F3 is the HP version. I am considering picking up either one of these cameras regardless if I buy from this individual or not but I would still like to be able to identify the HP vs. the standard view prism. If I were to pick up an F3 I would prefer the standard because as I understand, the HP is somewhat of a dimmer VF and with my aging eyes I need as much light as I can get. I may just end up getting both cameras if we can come to an equitable agreement but that is yet to be seen due to the holidays.

So to the question, how does one determine which is which?