Horror story alert: back in the 80's I was making good money doing architectural photography as well as some portraiture on the side. I was newly married and wanted to try and supplement my income by adding wedding photog to my resume. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing from the "cattle herding" that would ensue. First: I did not know that consulting with the couple would be important and having a rock solid idea of what prices to charge. Second: I felt comfortable enough with my photographic skills that I could handle just about any situation that should confront me, wrong. Third and most important, dealing with a large group of people that alto well meaning we're non the less simply mead long and trying to control everything. And then there are the drunks who jump I front of almost every shot. Needless to say, underexposed, out of focus, off kilter and total bedlam would be some of the best descriptions of the brides wedding album. Find a well seasoned pro that would be willing to take you under their wing and second shoot for a few years before you jump into it with bothe feet.