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wanted to try and supplement my income by adding wedding photog to my resume.
Agreed. I shot weddings for many, many years and now do maybe one a year only for friends and family, as a gift. Although I was quite good at it, wedding photography is difficult to make profitable, as it is a time vacuum: all the meetings, plannings, calls and emails before; usually I miss a decent night's sleep on Friday as I'm so stressed about the wedding; the whole day of Saturday is nervous until I get started; can't wind down on Sat night after I'm finished and then Sunday is wasted because I'm exhausted. So the whole weekend has been ruined by this wedding.

Then, on Monday, I have to download files, start editing, dealing with family who want to see everything on a website by noon on Monday after the wedding, designing an album, and on and on and on. Most brides now have completely unrealistic ideas of budget due to the endless parade of weekend photographers who think they can charge $1000 for a little pocket money, not realizing that by the time they finish and pay all their cost of sales, they are making McDonald's money.

My life is so much happier without weddings.

Now, when I shoot for friends and families, they pay me a nice, but reduced rate, and they get a box of proofs with no retouching and a DVD with all the high res files. I would do the same for film. And, yes, there are insane lawsuits over wedding photography. You really need indemnity insurance.