Hey now! Read carefully...I still use USPS for all domestic and any international packages of low value. My point is that only the privately own couriers like fed ex have continuous tracking in international exchanges and a true signature confirmation service that meets the requirements for paypal's seller protection. So if you send something overseas via USPS and the recipient claims INR, you'll have no recourse to prove otherwise and paypal will side with the buyer. Next time you look into using USPS to ship international notice that no matter how deluxe the service, signature of recipient is not offered. Same thing goes for packages coming into the states, delivered by USPS. This makes fraudulent INR cases in international exchanges a slam dunk con for anyone aware of paypal's buyer protection policy. Of course if you're the recipient and the package is truly INR then you will eventually get your funds back from paypal - nonetheless, it's a PITA from the buyer's perspective as well.