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The second-shooting idea sounds like a good one, before you accept money to photograph what is the most important day of many of your clients' lives.


I have shot entire weddings between 35 and 85. I'd say you have plenty.

The choice of lenses is two fold. 1 is artistic, 2 is technical.

1 Your eye/style, what do you like shooting?

When you sell a wedding package you should be able to do enough show and tell for the client to understand what they will get from you.

You need to understand what you can do and what you are willing to provide before you can explain that to a client. That understanding allows both you and the client to make good decisions.

For example, for wedding work, I won't do any back end work as I might for a portrait sitting. All my back end work is hired out for weddings, no exceptions.

2 Your access, where do you need to be and will the bride let you get there?

This is a compromise, if you really need to be at both the font and back of the church at nearly the same time you either need long lenses or the ability to move. I prefer and negotiate for the latter myself.

Your answers to these questions will come with experience and experimentation.