Bleach is as follows

Potassium Ferri- 32grams
Postasium Bromide - 32 grams
12 litres of water.

I will use this basic starting point- for Ilford Warmtone anywhere from 5 seconds to 1minute depending on the look I want.

Sodium Sulphide- 32 grams
12 litres of water

Immerse the print into the sulphide(stinky stuff) for 30secs to 1 minute.

Thanks to Bill Schwab on this one.... if the tone is not to my liking I will re bleach and build up the brown tone. I watched Bill doing this after a long day in my darkroom, making some murals. I thought he was crazy but once started is an amazing way of building up sepia tone to exactly where you want to be.

If I want a duo tone then I will mix up the Selenium.
I use: Selenium 1 : 5 and I will vary the papers to suit my desired look. I stopped using a weak dilution of 1:20 twenty years ago, as you can tell by this thread, I like working fast.

MAS - is Michael A Smith who wrote a nice article in the 90's about outflanking when printing, which is a method I was taught and I believe most professional printers use.

Cold tone papers generally require more bleach to get my look. I prefer cold tone papers for this particular look. (for Russell Monk series we used Ilford Warmtone,my favourite paper The bleach time was 5 seconds no more and the prints started to get too warm.
I only go full on sepia for one current client and I am not a really big fan of a full sepia toned print, I prefer a split where the highlights tone yellow and the shadows that tone cooler.
I always give a 20 minute soak in water after sepia toning before I go into the selenium or other toners.

It appears some of us here like to sepia first then selenium(me) and others prefer to selenium first.

I will never bleach and then selenium without fixing and washing the print between the steps, and I cannot explain the theory behind this.

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Hi Bob. looks like we have the 99,9% same workflow and the way of seeing how we like the job done. But i was curious about one thing: "...for coldtone papers I like a bleach sepia and then selenium where a slight warm tone in the highlights and selenium in shadows...."

Do you bleach 100% and the sepiatone for lets say 40% of required time for sepia toning and then jump the print over to a Selenium tone bath? I use mostly selenium alone in 1:20 rate for 5 minutes or 20 if i want tonechange.