Do you have an 8x10 camera?

Given your research you probaly know this but I only think that getting in the right genre of film is important, I'll bet that FP4 is plenty close enough; in 8x10.

Yes, you can probably get close with 5x7 or really stretch things and use 4x5, but, if the info by your name is right with regard to what you are shooting, there are real limits. 35mm it isn't going to get anyone to the same level as Hurrell. This isn't about your skill or dedication, it's pure physics.

FP4's emulsion does not differ by format size, what does differ though, is the image size versus grain size. Changing formats completely changes the the look and the amount of detail available to print.

For example in 35mm I find HP5's look too rough in many situations. In MF HP5 is nicely usable but still if I'm going to spend money, I would rather one of the Deltas or FP4. When we get 4x5 though, HP5 becomes a beautiful pallette to work on. This bias is mine but the physics are real.


Or as Kieth says maybe an Ortho film.