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I keep my leica's and all lenses stored in a velvet lined platinume lock box in a climate controlled fully monitored and patrolled vault in Zurich. Have yet to have a problem.
Hey, that might be worth considering.... Right now, I keep an M6 body with a 50mm in the glovebox of my beater Civic (year round). Given that it rains here a lot, maybe I should consider something more in the camera's interest. The remainder of my Leica stuff (another M6 body with 35, 50 and 90mm lenses) sits in a cardboard box on the floor of a closet in the basement, suffering no end of abuse, exposed to heat and cold, fluctuations in humidity, all the while collecting copious quantities of dust and dirt, until I see fit to take them out and use them...every couple of months or so when I have the time and inclination to go out shooting... My Hasselblads, in turn, are stored in a backpack in whatever condition I happen to leave them in after I return home after a trek through the woods or wherever I happen to have been shooting.