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To the OP, PayPal has a lot of information online. I'd suggest reading the information they have posted on disputes, tracking, etc. There are a lot of special details and special cases to keep in mind.
I read their terms, but you'd have to be a lawyer with ten years of paypal case experience to apply things to the (not so hypothetical) situation I outlined. Or I'm just too stupid, that could also be. Well alright, I *am* too stupid.

But to be honest I think that most people (think 99% or more) don't have a clue what they're getting into when dealing with paypal (as buyer or as seller). Now we have Norman who lost his money despite using paypal (sorry, that really sucks), and others who tell me to go ask elsewhere. Hmm, does anybody actually know this stuff?

Case: I sell lens on APUG. Buyer pays through paypal. Buyer claims item never arrived. Suppose I don't have proof of delivery that would stand up to paypal's scrutiny.

Q: Will paypal accept buyer's case? Or will his credit card company break in and reclaim the money?