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Did you check the pH of the comparable PG containing developer?
Organics can sometimes change pH or distort their measurement.
Yes, using paper test-strips, I've been verifying a perfect color-match with unused XTOL. I'm using XTOL as an 8.2 buffer.
It's odd that 7% PG in a developer would have an obvious reduction in activity.
My last test boosted the PG from 3% to 7% with a noticeable drop in density. I wish I had a better understanding of the chemistry behind all this.

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Did you let the developer sit in a flask and see if there is any phase separation? (Like salad dressing made from oil and vinegar)
No, I tested the developer immediately after mixing, so neither concentrate nor working solution had a chance to settle. The working solution has now been sitting for hours, and a check a minute ago shows no separation.

I can only conclude that PG hinders development for some reason.

Mark Overton