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So, 50 couples a year means all but two weekends of one year of your life are spent stressing out over wedding photography; or, you are double-booked on a Saturday, running on fumes and risking a bad performance due to exhaustion, and then your whole Sunday is spent in recovery.
In some sense I agree with you, if you booked 50 couples your fee is too low. But in my case half of my clients are Jewish people and Sunday weddings are very common. Some people do Friday wedding, particularly in this economy, too.

Itís not being negative to point out the fatal flaws in that business model. I'd rather go out and make $2000 in four hours shooting Santa portraits, walk away and be completely finished with it than "make" $3500 to shoot a nine hour wedding (which, believe me, is the high end of average wedding $$$), with 20 hours of post-production and $900 cost of sales.
$3500 sounds about right. I know people who charge 6000 and still get fully booked. I actually donít mind shooting wedding much but I just donít want to be known to shoot wedding... Iíd rather shoot commercial assignments.