The Konica C35 Automatic is a nice little camera or its clone, the Vivitar 35CA. They use trap-needle programmed autoexposure, which gets things correct most of the time. They have a rangefinder, and they're small and unobtrusive.

I use the zinc-air hearing batteries, which work fine. You can buy 10- or 12-packs for $10 or less, and that gives you enough power for several years.

The Olympus 35RC also is a nice choice with the added advantage of manual settings.

On the German side is the Rollei XF 35 and its Voigtlander stablemate, the VF135. The Rollei has a Sonnar lens, while the Voigtlander has the same lens, which is badged as a Skoparex.

If you don't need a meter and don't mine the weight, the Kodak Retina IIa is highly recommended, while the knob wind Retina II also will do the job.

I like the Konica I, II and III series and particularly the II. There are also of plenty of other offerings from Zeiss Ikon, Voigtlander, Yashica, Canon, Minolta, Petri, Balda, etc., etc.