From a young age I had always loved photography. It was one of those things that was never a phase. One Christmas, my aunt had given me a book, "The Great LIFE Photographers." When I was in college for engineering, I was looking at this book and reading some of the bios. I was surprised that many of them were previously in very technical fields (such as engineering). It made me think about why. Then I realized the similarity the two had was that they were whole brain activities. Each was very technical (left brained) and at the same creative (right brained). To be good at each of these endeavors, one had to possess a handle on both the technical and the creative. But as I look more and more at photography, I notice that people (while possessing whole brained abilities) tend to one side or the other. They may be extremely creative, and not so much care about the technical aspects (Holga users, and pinhole enthusiasts come to mind). While some photographers are very technical and focus on producing quality images through linear, step by step means. Which side do you tend more toward?